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Block story is a game which combines the magic appeal of role playing with the sandbox genre of games. This game is very much like mind craft games. But this has added adventure features.

You are enabled to build an infinite variety of terrains, both up and down. You can have hell, biomes, floating islands, underground worlds, remote skies, coral reefs etc. the sense of mystery created by these diverse creations is very appealing.

This game assigns quests for you. You have aims and goals to achieve. With this highly directional feature it is possible for you to be lost in charming but mysterious universes for hours together.

You have ten different terrains and here you can get five different species of beings to fight with. These species include lizards to dragons and clown fish to ferocious sharks. While fighting, you can level up, grow stronger and fight to win.

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You get a lot of fantastic accessories. In this game you can carry torches to light up your paths. There are magic equipments you can wear to enhance your capabilities, like you can wear a ring to improve your strength, and wear flappers to swim faster.

The battling on Block story is really exciting. You get innumerable very life-like mobs which belong to a wide range of organisms. You can fight with them using a variety of weapons. You have very sophisticated weapons like guns, medieval weapons like swords and shields and primitive weapons like bows and arrows. With this you can blend magic also.

The terrain generation on this game is magnificent. You get to craft a variety of extraordinary terrains like floating islands and underground world. The graphics is out of this world. The colorful lightings, night sky and uneven terrains are all depicted in a dynamic way.

4 control modes are available on Block Story. They are 1joystick, 2joystick, accelerometer and d-pad. Vehicles available on this game range from cars to boats, which you can use according to the role play you have selected.

The most important fact about this game is that it is updates pretty often. So you can expect more and more feature with each updating. The game can be played on PC as well as Android. This cross platform compatibility allows you to download the game on your PC and play it on your mobile.

This is a very engaging game and it is very appealing with its old world charm.

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