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This is another minecraft like game which is played using bricks looking like toy blocks. You can build whatever you want with these toy blocks. Your construction can range from colossal cities to very tiny houses.

This is a game with both single and multiplayer modes. It is like building with lego blocks. This is a non-linear sand box game. The single player mode does not have any set goals. It is about designing and constructing structures of varying sizes and shapes. You can create your custom world in this mode.

Players are allowed to build the structures they want in a virtual world. All these are built using toy like blocks. Both single player mode and multiplayer mode are provided with construction facility.


Multiplayer mode facilitates more block based games like racing and role playing. The community in turn creates a lot other modes and game worlds. These are available to all the users. So you need not worry if you are not able to produce anything much creative. You can play using the worlds and games created by others in the multi player mode.

You can craft your own vehicles using these blocks. A destructive engine also is available. Their way of blasting the games and other creations is very impressive. In short, blocks present unlimited potential. It is much more fun than any other type of games.

These blocks can be modified in a number of ways using lighting, different colors, shapes etc. You have a lot of freedom with these blocks. You can create any structure that catches your fancy in any way you like. Multiplayer settings can be created elaborately by adding bots and simple scripts to them.

The most important fact of this game is that you need not buy it blindly. A demo is available. So you can play and have a foretaste before you actually buy it. This is a rather cheap game.

The important features of the game

  • This is a lego inspired game as well as minecraft inspired.
  • Both single player mode and multiplayer mode are available.
  • Both these modes are provided with building facility.
  • There is a large number of community created games available to all the users.
  • A demo is provided, so that you can test it before you buy it.
  • This game is affordable to everyone.

This online minecraft parody is very popular. The users find it very additive even if the main action of the game is just designing and constructing.

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