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Brick-force is a sand box shooter game. This is also a game in which the players have to build their own landscapes and environments in which they play. They can use the bricks which are the tools of this game. This game is a very impressive combination of a block building game and first person shooting game.

You can build your own maps and worlds and share them with your friends and play with them. A variety of game plays are possible in this very interesting game. You can design and build whatever you want and use them to play with your friends.

Your building activity has no limit. You can build anything, anytime and anywhere and share them also. You can include your friends also in your building. So this can be a multiplayer activity, which is real fun.


The building activity is highly exciting on Brick-force. You have a lot of structures and equipment to build. Apart from landscapes, you can construct buildings and vehicles. You can go for hunting with other players or for hunting them down. You can also have battles with other players.

What’s more, you can have a very exciting one-on-one fight with others or can have real team fights. During the fight if you wish, you can even request your friends for reinforcements. These activities inspire real strategic resolutions, which is fun.

For these activities you can choose your own created map or the worlds and maps created by others. There is a wide range of weapons and combat gear, which you can use at your own will. You can choose the outfit which catches your imagination and assume a formidable look for your enemy.

Besides the ordinary weapons, you have a choice of sophisticated weapons like mounted machine guns or very fearsome pistols, to fight with.

Important features of the game

  • The FPS mode of the game is very speedy and very sophisticated. You get the real thrill of a battle when you play this game.
  • The game has both single player mode and multiplayer mode. In the single player mode you can have one-on-one fights. In the multiplayer mode you can have battles and hunts with others and against another team.
  • There is a large community that builds many things and shares creations with others. So you can have a number of servers and maps.
  • You can craft your own maps and environments using the brick tool.
  • You can assume any character you want and have suitable out fits and weapons.

This is a free-play online game, which is accessible on your smart phones, tablets, browsers or even social net works. This increases their popularity to a great extent.

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