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Play minecraft in browser or PC.



Play on PC The latest entry in the now quickly growing Guncraft genre owes just as much to the legendary indie sandbox game it draws from because it gives games like Cod and Team Fortress 2. Guncraft may wav...

Cube World

Play on PC Cube World is really a type of deceitful game to check out from pictures alone. Cube World is definitely an open adventure RPG that creates the world with different user-input seed. Fans of Minecr...


Play on PC Brick-force is a sand box shooter game. This is also a game in which the players have to build their own landscapes and environments in which they play. They can use the bricks which are the tools...


Play on PC This is another minecraft like game which is played using bricks looking like toy blocks. You can build whatever you want with these toy blocks. Your construction can range from colossal cities to...

Block Story

Play on iOS Play on Android Play on PC Block story is a game which combines the magic appeal of role playing with the sandbox genre of games. This game is very much like mind craft games. But this has ...