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Delver belongs to the rogue-like genre of games. It is a first person role play game where you get to crawl through mysterious dungeons encountering dangerous enemies. The graphics of this game is done in 3D 8-bit fashion. This renders the game an excellent gaming atmosphere.

The developer says that he had wanted to combine the mechanics of the super games like ‘Ultima Underworld’ with the mystery of the rogue like category of games. He has greatly succeeded in this and Delver has proven to be a great game.

Overview of the game

Delvers are supposed to be adventurers who crawl along dangerous dungeons in search of adventure and loot. They have to face many dangerous enemies on the way and overcome them.

The dungeons are randomly made and you as a Delver have to travel through them without knowing what comes next. This experience of mystery can be thrilling.

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Details of the game

In the beginning of the game you are thrown into a dungeon and from there on, you have to travel through the pathways that appear in front of you. You may stumble upon suddenly appearing pathways also.

You may bump into a variety of enemies. This game gives you a chance to become suddenly strong and triumphantly kill your enemies. Sometime you get to stalk them and stab them from the back. On the way you will find armors and a wide range of weapons.

Even if the game will begin in a very simple way, as you advance you will get the great excitement of running into the unknown and unexpected. These challenges are the charm of the game.

The developer has evolved the atmosphere of the game with utmost care and imagination. The ominous and mysterious sound effects add to the specific experiences. The sounds are so elaborate and the smallest details like your own footsteps and the enemy activities are taken care of.

The 3D 8-bit graphics are another plus point of Delver. The suddenly appearing caves and pathways illuminated by a 3D torch are altogether exciting and fearful. All these add to the overall mystery and excitement of the game. Each time you play, you get new experiences, as the dungeons are randomly generated each time.

This is a game that works on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. But you get a better experience on Android. Delver works very well on smart phones and tablets. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of the game.

The dungeon features are altogether mysterious and exciting. In short, Delver excels in the superbly mysterious atmosphere, sound effects and the top quality game play.

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