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Have you had enough of fiery dragons and fearsome battles? Then try Discovery. Here you can relax and just unleash your imagination and creativity. This is an expansive world made of blocks. You can further modify it at your will and pleasure. You have no worry of your survival. You do not worry about defense against enemies of any species.

You can construct anything. Building houses, cities and other complex structures are real fun. What’s more, you can build underground structures also. In short Discovery is a builders’ paradise.

The graphics of this game is fantastic. You can create a torch and light up the structures you have created. You will have a fantastic light emitting torch. The sunset and night skies provide a surrealistic experience in Discovery. That is the magic of its graphics

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It has a fantastic atmospheric music to go with the incredibly high quality graphics. It is entrancingly beautiful. The textures of Discovery are another gorgeous feature of the game which makes it very popular with gamers all over the world.

The special features of the game

  • The high quality 3D graphics is really out of this world. It offers a fabulous experience with its 60 FPS speed
  • This is a giant world of blocks which gives the gamer a feeling of vastness and spaciousness. And he can modify on it.
  • The sunset, night and the different times of the day are realistically depicted in the game.
  • The music is very nice and befitting the atmosphere. It gives the gamer an environment of peace and rest.
  • The game gives opportunities of creativity but there are more planned features, using which you can create further.
  • The textures are fine. The day and night cycle effects are very efficiently done.
  • Lots of animations are provided. It adds to the beauty of sunset and twinkling stars in the sky.
  • There are quite a lot of toosl to help you in your constructions. You can have slopes and telleportations to assist you in your building work.

The game has been updated recently to correct a few features and add a few others. The conversion issue with the 1.6 version is corrected in the new one. The issues with virus also have been resolved and a better bug reporting system has been installed. The fixed data loss problem also has been corrected.

The game has been improved with faster pace and new materials are added. New delete functionality to backup system also has been added. A free version of the game with limited features is available. You can have a foretaste before you decide to buy.

Discovery is a game to relax with and you get the utmost satisfaction with your creativity.

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