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Mine craft games are based on using blocks to build almost anything you want. It allows basic activities like constructing mobile as well as stationary structures, fighting against hostile elements, harvesting etc. There are innumerable games in the market now, which are inspired by this frame work. Exploration Lite is such a game

This game is a free version which cannot save the constructions and modifications you make on the terrain. You can make these modifications and play. But they will not be saved for you for further use. The paid version, on the other hand, allows everything without any restriction.

What do you get in Exploration Lite

You can build your own base and other constructions using blocks. You are enabled to add a lot of components to the base, making it a very elaborate structure. You are allowed to have your own castle which you have to defend against all dangers.

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You can build your own mine and add features to it. You may construct any kind of buildings or vehicles and transform them. There are plants, trees, rivers and volcanoes. All these structures you can include in your terrain and transform them into 3D version. Building your own farmhouse with suitable 3D background is no mean matter.

The new version of Exploration Lite has more features in it. It has 99 blocks of different kinds. You can use these to build the bases of your structures and add modifications to them. This calls for a high level of creativity and resourcefulness, which the users find extremely challenging.

Flying blocks are also included in the new version. You can catch these flying blocks and use them for building as well as modifications.  If you don’t want them you can delete them from the terrain.

The latest version of Exploration Lite also includes various other terrains. Now the water in the river can be animated to flow. You can create a waterfall and add beautiful scenery of trees and plants and even a favorite bower.

The lava spurting out of the volcano is also animated, adding more interest and charm to the terrain. Apart from these, new articles like ladders, lamps, plants, clouds and various other equipments are also added to the game. These articles can take your customizations to a higher level. Like water and lava, the light from the lamp is also alive now. It’s fun creating a torch that emits light.

Exploration Lite is continually being up dated and more and more features are being added by the author. The users have put forward a demand for animals and hopefully when the next update comes we’ll have animals too.

The users are of opinion that Exploration Lite is a game with high potential. No wonder it stands at the top of the popular games list of minecraft like games.

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