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If you want to experience underwater virtually, then FarSky is the perfect game for you. It costs around $ 10 USD and you can get it for Mac computers, PC and Linux operating system. It all about getting the pieces of the submarine together and come back to the surface. It is not a long boring game and if you can take it seriously, you can finish the story quickly. A team of developers did not make it but a single person.

Game Play

Even those the game does not have the best graphics quality but you will like to see it. It may not be blocks like Minecraft but you will love to watch it because it is underwater. You will stop playing other games and get into this one. As mentioned earlier, the story is short and the content is less but no matter how long you play it, you will enjoy. You are not going to be wasting money if you buy this. There are several modes for you to try: Sandbox, Survival and Adventure. At the beginning, you will come across five options: Play, Sandbox, Load, Options and Quit. Start a new adventure by pressing Play. The story is you are in a submarine and you crash. The parts of it have spread throughout the water. Instructions will appear when so you will not have much problem learning how to play. For example, it will appear on your screen that you have to press M to dee the map. When you come across a chest, add some items to your inventory. It will be in your base. You can cook in the base before you start to do anything else. If you are not hungry, you can have a lot of energy. You will come across other random chests underwater. Take items from there. You can use drill to make holes.


It is not difficult to play and you can have fun playing it. The game manufacturer can do much better and it will get more interesting if he decides to update it. It is a unique game. Nowadays, there a lot of games like Minecraft and they are all following the blocks. It is a survival game that will improve your skills as you play. There is not much construction like other games such as Castle Story neither there is any crafting. There will be no other people only fish and sea creatures. It is just you. The mechanics of the game is intriguing. There is some crafting though but not as much as Minecraft. The concept of the game is something different from the rest. You can try this if you want a variety in your game collection.


Since it is a java based game you can face some issues. If Java does not work, you cannot play it. The game developer is not updating it and the players want more story to it. It could be one of the best-selling game if the manufacturer focused on it.

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