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StarMade is a game that takes you to space setting. This game provides innumerable challenges to the player. You reach a world where you have to live utilizing your resourcefulness and creativity. This satisfies your naturally adventurous spirit.

This game is modeled on the famous minecraft games. Minecraft games allow the player to explore and moodily. You have to fight enemies to defend your property. You craft your environment an equipments using the resources available. StarMade is inspired by these basic ideas, but this game takes you to the space.


The features of StarMade

It is minecraft inspired and so contains many of its features like.

  • You can build a lot of things and upgrade them
  • You have to find your resources from around
  • voxel block based
  • A randomly generated universe
  • Economy driven
  • Can salvage things and build your blocks
  • Your structures can be both mobile and stationary. (space crafts and space stations)
  • You have to battle antagonistic groups.

How the game works

You first enter a technically created universe where you can roam around and then you can build your own headquarters on it. For exploring it further you can build spacecrafts. The material for the space craft can be bought from the space shops, if you have the means. If you do not have the means, all you have to do is to look around and savage blocks and components from ruined and deserted space stations, asteroids, planetoids or even pirate ships.

The universe in StarMade is a randomly generated one. The advantage is that you can travel for as long as you like. On the way you can engage yourself in adventures crafted by yourself. Exploring itself is fun.

Besides, this game is an economy driven one. This means you have to harvest for your survival. You have to harvest components and blocks for building, you can harvest new minerals from new planets as there are a number of them around. These harvested materials can be sold or stashed away for further use.

The adventurous opportunities provided by StarMade are awesome. You encounter pirate ships every now and then. Since they are there to loot your resources, you have to put up great fight. The pirates may anytime raid your headquarters.

StarMade offers you an excellent opportunity to be creative. You can build a number of structures, from a simple abode to the most modern space stations. You can build a basic space craft and then upgrade it using the resources bought from shops or salvaged from different locations. You have to fashion a lot of weapons to fortify your abode as well as your ships.

As the game is still in the making, you can play it for free but will not be able to download it. But even at this stage StarMade is a highly engaging game.

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